How to install wordpress?

How to install WordPress?


What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular and easy way to build up your own website. WordPress is very simple and predictable So you easily started. It is open source software that means people from all over the world constantly creating and improving the code for the WordPress software.  It very easy to use that means you don’t need web designer every time to make small changes to your website. Wordpress is very SEO friendly software. It contains everything that you need to optimize your content to make your thing visible on Google. Now, How to install WordPress?. Here below are the steps to install WordPress.

Steps to install WordPress :

  1. Firstly you need to download WordPress installation zip file from WordPress.Org
  2. Extract Wordpress zip folder downloaded WordPress zip file into C:\WAMP\WWW\ directory
  3. Start Wampserver.
  4. Open a browser and enter http://localhost\phpmyadmin\ and enter your username and password.
  5. Create a new database.
  6. Enter http://localhost\your project name\ and hit enter into your browser.
  7. To set up a website, choose your language and click on continue and after that click on “let’s go!” button.
  8. Enter your database name, username, and password for phpmyadmin and then click on submit button and after that click on “run the installation” button.
  9. After that enter site title, website username, password, and email address and click on “Install WordPress” button and It will automatically install WordPress.
  10.  To enter into website admin panel and then enter into your browser http://localhost\your project name/wp-admin and hit enter and then enter your project username and password and click login and then you will be able to edit or modify the website.

So, Here above are the steps for “How to install WordPress?”. If you have any question, Please comment on below your questions and I will get back you to as soon as possible.